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Group Home


This 150,000 Sq mtrs gigantic facility for offices as well as for staff accommodation situated in Halban, kms away from the Seeb International Airport, in the capital city of Muscat is the crowning glory of the Group.

The state of the art “Halban” has the following facilities..

Training facility for RIG (HSE, H2S, Derrick Man, Assistant drillers etc..)

Certified Welding courses (3G & 6G)

Well integrated workshop for all engineering services

Automobile, Plant & Equipment workshop that caters to all the requirements of the Group companies, which includes Repair & Maintenance, Paint shop, Fabrication etc..

Ghala (1000 Sq Mts)

Warehouse for storing & forwarding of all products for Energy & Oil & Gas industry with open and covered storage provisions.


It is an open storage yard. It is a mid way to most of the North Oil & Gas field. This facility caters to stop over accommodation for staff. With a huge parking space for our company vehicles parking and also caters to small preventative maintenance. Adam also houses RAY staff in the base camp set up in 2012 with all amenities and facilities.


It is a 20,000 Square Meters facility having capability to carry out Workover RIG, Wireline & Vehicle repairs. The facility has accommodation capacity for 300 staff. This staff accommodation is the recipient of few awards from OXY for being the best facility among contractors.

Ghala Laboratory - ISO17025 Certified

This API certified LAB is specifically designed to handle Insulating fluid used in transformers and industrial oils used in gearboxes, pumps, hydraulic, motors and turbine systems. And also further extended to water testing, mineral testing etc

We service clients from across the GCC region.


40,000 Square Meters is under planning and construction of workshop for design, Engineering and Fabrication. This facility should be ready for operations by 2015.


The Group is now focused on building its corporate offices in the heart of the Muscat City, Bausher. This corporate office will be housing all the group companies by 2016. Currently, RAY Group Corporate office is functioning from Madinat Sultan Qaboos.

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