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Oman is a people friendly country with such noble values as hospitality and secularity. It offers a balanced and stable life to all the immigrants to the country, in search of greener pastures. The strong economy and a conservative lifestyle engrained with the deep rooted family values offers peace and solace to one and all.

In Oman, Corporates work only five days a week. Two days are observed as weekly rest. This enhances better work – life balance for all the working class of people who are often juggling between work and family demands. These 2 days of rest allows them to spend quality time with their family.

Dress Code

Oman observes Islamic faith. In accordance with the dictum of the religion, people are expected to be well and modestly dressed. Women adorn clothes that cover their body from neck to toe. Casual wear as shorts and sleeveless tops are meant for a sunny day at the beach or at the pool. In public, modesty is the decorum.


The country of Oman is well connected from North to South and East to West by a developed road network. Driving on the highway with the boulevard marked by mountains on either side is a memorable experience.


Oman has international as well as Omani schools. Under the CBSE curriculum, a lot of popular Indian Schools are operational across Oman. Similarly, in the capital city of Muscat, there are other reputed schools like Srilankan School, Pakistani School, American International School, British School and American British Academy.

Ramadan in Oman

During the holy period of Ramadan, a month of fasting is observed when Muslims abstain fromfood, drink and cigarettes during daylight hours. Non-Muslims are asked to respect those fastingby not eating, drinking or smoking in public places, including Muscat International Airport.Throughout Ramadan, conservative dress should be worn in public. Live entertainment, loud musicand dancing are prohibited during this period. Restaurants & hotel facilities may not be availableduring the lean hours of fast.

Emergency Contact in Oman: 9999 (Royal Oman Police)

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