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The only real time bee trip counter and hive monitor that remotely monitors pollination activity and colony health.

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Why Bees are Important

Bees are very important creatures because they pollinate edible plants. They play an important role in maintaining a healthy ecosystem. In addition to food production, they also make a significant contribution to landscape improvement. You can make a living from beekeeping. Protecting bees and other pollinators is our primary responsibility.


Of the food we eat is pollinated by Honey Bees


Types of Crops are pollinated by Honey Bees


Million Metric Tons of Honey is made every year


Million is contributed to the Economy

Why Beewizzr

Beewizzr is the only real-time information solution to monitor your bee colony health and your bee activity.


Enhance productivity

The Breeders are responsible for cultivating bees and use the hive equipment seamlessly.

Smooth dealing with farmers

The Breeders research bees, meet with local farmers, and learn about the bee-rearing process.


Manage the hives

Beekeepers are responsible for rearing the queen, checking the health of the bees, and organizing the colony for the production stage.

Open the hives only when necessary

Beekeepers regularly inspect bee hives to check the condition of the good health of the honey bees.

Beewizzr Features

Beewizzr provides a scalable and robust solution and keeps you informed about the real-time information of the bee workers.

Reduce your Cost

Remotely monitor your bee colonies from your mobile or computer and reduce your travel cost and wastage of time.

Increase pollination productivity

Increase the pollination productiveness of your bee colonies by monitoring the traffic and the number of flights of your bees.

Monitor hundreds of hives in seconds

Remotely monitor your bee colony health and support your bees when or before they need you the most.

Accumulation of statistical data

Beewizzr collects statistical data like weight, temperature and humidity, and sends it to apiarists. To collect honey from beehives.

Our Products

Beewizzr Gateway

Beewizzr is an smart remote monitoring system that employs Machine Learning and IoT Technologies to gather essential data regarding beehives from a remote location. This technology enables individuals to effortlessly establish, manage, and oversee their apiaries. In simple terms, an beekeeper can observe a beehive without the need for manual intervention.

Wooden Langstroth Beehives Box

10 Frames

Box contains 20 mm thickness of pinewood with cross joints for longer shelf life.

Smart Setup

Beewizzr is an IoT-based smart beehive monitoring system that provides a complete solution for breeders and beekeepers. Sensors are integrated into bee monitoring equipment and monitor various parameters such as weight, temperature, and humidity. Instant notifications are sent to the hive if the bee population decreases or if there are sudden changes in weight, temperature or humidity conditions. Beekeeping via Beewizzr smart app.

Beewizzr App
Beewizzr App
Beewizzr Device
Beewizzr IoT



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Enhanced User Interface

Our exclusive app provides a streamlined experience for everyone. Our UI is simple, exceptional, responsive & user-friendly & navigation takes place seamlessly. We have developed the UI in a unique manner working smoothly for the different cross platforms.

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